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I am back – hopefully, maybe.

It has been a while. Got hooked to Twitter, started taking shortcuts via Facebook notes, did idle surfing instead of writing, etc., etc. Until today. The spark for the same was my better half objecting to my favourite excuse when asked by people on the dormant blog – “Since marriage, no time to blog.” She asked me in her own sweet but terrifying way whether she had at any time objected to my spending an unhealthy time “Wiki”ing stuff, tweeting smartass crap, reading blogs and following cricket via net while simultaneously watching it on TV. It opened my eyes. 

So starting today, I aim to be a little more regular (of course compared to last year, the “little more” is not at all challenging) and also a little less rambling (which as you have seen from the earlier sentence and even this bracket is infinitely more challenging). Am not betting when my nex post is going to be. However one thing is for sure.

The next time I will have to give another excuse. 



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