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Some questions to ponder over.

Is each and every little snag occurring while takeoff/landing of aircrafts been blown into a “Major disaster averted” headline by our media? Is the media actually wanting another Mangalore to happen?

What are the odds for the Congress being behind the leaking of information on the Sharad Pawar backed bid for an IPL franchise?

Is the recent coverage on Rahul Gandhi (Link1, Link2) an indication that 7 Race Course may see a change in resident in a few months?

Has the media forgot amidst the euphoria about Mamata Didi’s tremendous win in Bengal, the horrific train “accident” and Didi’s ridiculous oppurtunistic theories about it?

Isn’t the meaningless, inconsequential string of limited over matches killing interest in cricket? Are the cricket administrators not understanding this?

Did you know that our women boxers rocked in the Asian Boxing Championship? Or that the hockey team were joint Azlan Shah Cup winners? What’s that? India lost to Zimbabwe in cricket? Again? Such a shame!!

Why is love such a bitch?

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