Random thoughts.

Inflation is high. Very high. These levels were seen during the liberalization years. That was a painful time. However, then it was just a side effect of the shock treatment that was given to revitalize the sleeping Indian economy. What is the excuse now? This very inflation was predicted a couple of years ago when lots of people friendly measures (NREGA, tax cuts) were taken to maska marofy the Indian public. More money in hands of people translates to more spending. And if your infrastructure and logistics are not strong enough (link) to take care of these issues, we got a demand supply mismatch. Which leads to, you guessed it, inflation. The point is not in implementing people friendly measures. An average economist would have inferred that there would be a problem of inflation because of India’s inherent flaws in infrastructure. What stopped the Finance Ministry from taking preventive measures?

Yesterday we had one more Naxal attack. Only difference being that the victims including those not supposedly hunting the poor dispossessed tribals as certain intellectuals call these red raccoons. One hopes that at least now, something concrete can be done against them. However where is the will? Why would there be a will? Do not see any public pressure on the Government to take some action. A 26/11 leads to candlelight vigils, youth rallies, resignation of CMs and HMs due to public anger. What does a Dantewada lead to? Just more apathy.

The BJP JMM tamasha in Jharkhand is perversely funny. Shibhu Soren “forgets” which side he is on while voting for a cut motion (that the man is hounded by CBI and had an incentive in buttering the Government which controls the very CBI is just “hearsay”), BJP uses this excuse (that even a vote by the JMM leader would not have helped much is well, just a coincidence) to blackmail the JMM into giving power to it. The two sides negotiate in the garb of quarreling. And we get a hotch potch agreement with the two parties deciding to play musical chairs with the CM seat. Politics is a tragicomic thing to follow. You laugh at the antics, and cry because these antics have the potential to take your country to the dogs.

It is getting hotter and Mumbai’s water supply is getting shorter. We have water till 15th July only, says the Government. Yet, one sees wastage everywhere. You see water flowing from burst pipes. You see people leaving the taps on in full flow while they do their damn hair (you know who you are!!). I seriously feel that Mumbaikars need to face a real drought like the poor villagers in interior Maharashtra to understand the importance of water.



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  1. Swap

    Muah…I’m loving ur blog!!!!

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