Pyaar “Difficult but not impossible”

Edit – The title of the post has been changed as the original reminded a cousin of a really bad film.

One of the major perils of being in the late twenties and single is that evry meeting with an elderly relative ends up being a grilling session (with the relative, mostly female, being the griller) involving the following:
– “When are you settling down?”
– “What is wrong with you? Not finding any good girls?”
– “Is there someone in your life?”
When they hear the answers (always something they do not want to hear), their face contorts into an expression which is quizzical at best and suspicious at worst. Also, with the exposure of mainstream India to films like “Dostana”, one more question is added (or not so subtly hinted)…to which the answer is a resounding NO.
Why is it difficult for people (elderly, mainly) to comprehend the fact that one can remain single at least till the big 30 approaches. I am having a good time. The work is fine. Pay has improved. Health is awesome (100 pushups in one go, ain’t that awesome?). Why would I want to disturb this nice phase by taking one of the biggest decision of my life through haste? Huhh? This is my answer to the probers.

Which may not be the entire truth.

Here is the truth. I want to be in love. I want to have the pleasure of having the company of the woman who is the most dear to me. Being in love is one of the greatest gift to mankind. It is what differentiates us from other animals. However there are issues. Like:
1) The woman has to be perfect. Not the Ms. Universe type perfect but perfect as in being totally compatible with me. Knowing myself, it is tough to find such a woman.
2) The woman who is perfect has to find me compatible.

Earlier, I had a lot of crushes. Which is normal. All young men have one or more crushes which were stupid and totally irrational. However I have never felt love for someone. Till maybe now. However then the problem no.2 surfaces. Love is a totally wretched thing. Makes you long for someone so hard with only a minute chance of reciprocation from the other end.

To conclude, for those who have not been ever in love, here are a few pointers to understand whether you are/were in love with someone:
1) When even a small thing like a “bye” with the slightest of smiles by her leads to the melting of your heart.
2) When in a discussion about her, you shut down your brain and just go on about defending her even when you yourself are not convinced.
3) When her absence around you (especially on a holiday) makes you crazy and makes you long for such empty days to get over quick.
4) When you resort to do some questionable (as in people question your sanity) antics just to get a reaction and acknoledgement from her.
5) When even a rebuke from her sounds like a compliment.
These are just some of the tell tale signs. Anyone got more?



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9 responses to “Pyaar “Difficult but not impossible”

  1. Dude . You totally kicked ass . I loved this post . 🙂 And I guess I even have a few of the symptoms . 😀

  2. Ha ha. Great one. You found the spot man! I have similar issues and also, the truth thing resembles me.

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