Some observations about the T20 WC

The tournament as such
It is a huge relief hearing a hit over the boundry being called a “six” and not a “maximum” and not been shown umpteen glimpses of the f’n blimp.
The contest between bat and ball is more even than before in a T20. 190 is looking genuinely unbeatable. Nice to see bowlers getting to shine and win some MoM awards.
Duckworth Lewis in T20s is to put it mildly, rubbish. If you are not changing calculations, at least increase the minimum overs required for a match to 10. Watching a six over match deciding the fate of sides in a goddamn World Cup is very embarrassing.
ESPN Star Sports have caught the Set Max bug when it comes to pre math shows. Cyrus has never been this irritating. He needs a Bhogle by his side. Shonali Nagrani or whatever is a pain to the ears.
One understands that due to the time zone issues, the matches have to be played early in the morning. But isn’t it leading to lower turnout? Has the ICC not learnt its lesson from the debacle that was WC 2007 (50 overs) when it pissed off the locals so much that it led to a pathetic atmosphere which contributed to the mega event being a flop?
The cheerleaders? Hott. The fat bare chested white tourist flaunting their tattoed wares in the pool and all over the stadium? Repulsive.

The Teams (that are left standing…just)
The Indian team is looking like it is going through the motions. The drive is not there. The only standout performer was Sharma who has a point to prove. I like the IPL. However the timing of the same has definitely led to the under performance of the men in blue.
The Pakistanis have been themselves. Self destructive to the core. Cannot wait for the post tournament shenanigans to start. What are the odds of Mohd. Yousuf being the next captain with Mr. Sania Mirza being his deputy?
The Saffers seem to have taken their time to fire up. Nothing other than this explains a loss to the Indians. Now, they are in the zone and only a “South Africa special” choke can stop them from being in the final.
The Aussies have been on the game since day 1. Their bowling looks badass being led by the wild man Nannes. Front runners for the trophy inspite of Micheal Clarke playing like shit.
The Poms have somehow got into the Super 8. The English weather has followed them with rain paying them a visit every time. Still they are here and have even benefited a little from the self destroyers. Do not think they will go further.
The Kiwis have been their usual dilligent selves. Jesse Ryder is waving the flag on behalf of all pot bellied belters of the ball. Vettori is as usual doing the multi tasking. They have found a match winner in Nathan McCullum which is a pleasant surprise. Good chances of reaching the semis but not further as usual.
The Sri Lankans have like the Saffers started slow. However led by the turbo charged batting by Jayawardhene (what is with SL middle order batters metamorphosing into badass openers – Jayasuriya, Dilshan and now Jayawardhene?), they seem a sure semi final bet.
The Windies have blown hot and cold. Their batting remains attractive. In the field, however they are crap.

Special mention of the Afghans. They have risen very quickly from division 5 of the ICC championship to qualifying for this tournament. They are a team worth following and cheering. It is stories like theirs which makes one believe in the power of sport in spite of all the rubbish around it (I am looking at you, BCCI, and you Lalit Modi, and you, Mr. Pawar and so on and so forth).



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2 responses to “Some observations about the T20 WC

  1. Aditya

    Good post.. Could sense that it was a hurried post..

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