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Random thoughts.

Inflation is high. Very high. These levels were seen during the liberalization years. That was a painful time. However, then it was just a side effect of the shock treatment that was given to revitalize the sleeping Indian economy. What is the excuse now? This very inflation was predicted a couple of years ago when lots of people friendly measures (NREGA, tax cuts) were taken to maska marofy the Indian public. More money in hands of people translates to more spending. And if your infrastructure and logistics are not strong enough (link) to take care of these issues, we got a demand supply mismatch. Which leads to, you guessed it, inflation. The point is not in implementing people friendly measures. An average economist would have inferred that there would be a problem of inflation because of India’s inherent flaws in infrastructure. What stopped the Finance Ministry from taking preventive measures?

Yesterday we had one more Naxal attack. Only difference being that the victims including those not supposedly hunting the poor dispossessed tribals as certain intellectuals call these red raccoons. One hopes that at least now, something concrete can be done against them. However where is the will? Why would there be a will? Do not see any public pressure on the Government to take some action. A 26/11 leads to candlelight vigils, youth rallies, resignation of CMs and HMs due to public anger. What does a Dantewada lead to? Just more apathy.

The BJP JMM tamasha in Jharkhand is perversely funny. Shibhu Soren “forgets” which side he is on while voting for a cut motion (that the man is hounded by CBI and had an incentive in buttering the Government which controls the very CBI is just “hearsay”), BJP uses this excuse (that even a vote by the JMM leader would not have helped much is well, just a coincidence) to blackmail the JMM into giving power to it. The two sides negotiate in the garb of quarreling. And we get a hotch potch agreement with the two parties deciding to play musical chairs with the CM seat. Politics is a tragicomic thing to follow. You laugh at the antics, and cry because these antics have the potential to take your country to the dogs.

It is getting hotter and Mumbai’s water supply is getting shorter. We have water till 15th July only, says the Government. Yet, one sees wastage everywhere. You see water flowing from burst pipes. You see people leaving the taps on in full flow while they do their damn hair (you know who you are!!). I seriously feel that Mumbaikars need to face a real drought like the poor villagers in interior Maharashtra to understand the importance of water.


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Pyaar “Difficult but not impossible”

Edit – The title of the post has been changed as the original reminded a cousin of a really bad film.

One of the major perils of being in the late twenties and single is that evry meeting with an elderly relative ends up being a grilling session (with the relative, mostly female, being the griller) involving the following:
– “When are you settling down?”
– “What is wrong with you? Not finding any good girls?”
– “Is there someone in your life?”
When they hear the answers (always something they do not want to hear), their face contorts into an expression which is quizzical at best and suspicious at worst. Also, with the exposure of mainstream India to films like “Dostana”, one more question is added (or not so subtly hinted)…to which the answer is a resounding NO.
Why is it difficult for people (elderly, mainly) to comprehend the fact that one can remain single at least till the big 30 approaches. I am having a good time. The work is fine. Pay has improved. Health is awesome (100 pushups in one go, ain’t that awesome?). Why would I want to disturb this nice phase by taking one of the biggest decision of my life through haste? Huhh? This is my answer to the probers.

Which may not be the entire truth.

Here is the truth. I want to be in love. I want to have the pleasure of having the company of the woman who is the most dear to me. Being in love is one of the greatest gift to mankind. It is what differentiates us from other animals. However there are issues. Like:
1) The woman has to be perfect. Not the Ms. Universe type perfect but perfect as in being totally compatible with me. Knowing myself, it is tough to find such a woman.
2) The woman who is perfect has to find me compatible.

Earlier, I had a lot of crushes. Which is normal. All young men have one or more crushes which were stupid and totally irrational. However I have never felt love for someone. Till maybe now. However then the problem no.2 surfaces. Love is a totally wretched thing. Makes you long for someone so hard with only a minute chance of reciprocation from the other end.

To conclude, for those who have not been ever in love, here are a few pointers to understand whether you are/were in love with someone:
1) When even a small thing like a “bye” with the slightest of smiles by her leads to the melting of your heart.
2) When in a discussion about her, you shut down your brain and just go on about defending her even when you yourself are not convinced.
3) When her absence around you (especially on a holiday) makes you crazy and makes you long for such empty days to get over quick.
4) When you resort to do some questionable (as in people question your sanity) antics just to get a reaction and acknoledgement from her.
5) When even a rebuke from her sounds like a compliment.
These are just some of the tell tale signs. Anyone got more?


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Some questions for Mr. Dhoni

Some questions for Mr. Dhoni after today’s brilliant performance against a mediocre West Indies.

1. Why did your Holiness deem it fit to go with just 3 frontline bowlers (one of them not 100%) after the fantastic bowling performance of the part time spinners especially the esteemed Ravindra Jadeja (Someone was whispering the theory of Jadeja being banned from IPL3 just so that he would spring one hell of a surprise in the West Indies. What a wonderful surprise for all of us!!) against the Australians just two days ago.
2. Even after going with just three frontline bowlers (one of them not 100% fit), why did you, o drinker of buffalo’s milk by the litre, elect to frigging bat after winning the toss….again!! Wouldn’t your awesome part time spinners have been a little more effective after some wear and tear of the pitch i.e. in the second inning.
3. You made Harbhajan, the only effective bowler bowl 75% of his quota in the first 5 overs. Who do you think was going to bowl in the last overs. Jadeja? Oh yes, you did think of that. He bowled so well that he conceded just 13.5 runs an over, a marked improvement over day before yesterday where he conceded 19 runs an over.
4. Speaking of Jadeja, what was the wisdom (no doubt profound) in picking him if you are going to send Harbhajan before him? Wouldn’t a Vinay Kumar or an Umesh Jadhav have been a better bet. You see, they bowl a little quick and this pitch was supporting fasties like Shashi Kapoor used to do to Amitabh Bachchan in the 70s. Must say, your support for Jadeja is unwavering. Pity, you do not reserve it for chaps like Ojha.
5. You have Chris Gayle batting like, well, Chris Gayle. He hits a skier. You run to catch it. So does Yusuf Pathan. The ball is in the air long enough for both of you to play rock, paper and scissors let alone just cry “mine” to decide who goes for it. You do not do so instead doing a perfect impression of people getting into a 8.15 Churchgate fast. No doubt, you were giving Gayle a chance to make a match of it. Pity the West Indians did not reciprocate and in effect out fielded your team, a feat so rare that they themselves must not be believing it.
6. Your batsmen are out to bat. The West Indians are bowling. It’s a bouncer. Followed by another one. And another. Then, surprise, another. You must have had a flashback of another such match. Same opponents. A year ago. In England. This same tactics was used against your eswashbuckling batsmen by the West Indies in the last T20 World Cup. Then you had the excuse of not being used to it. What now? You had a full year to prepare yourself against this same line of deliveries. You had the company of greats like SRT, VVS, Dravid. Hell, even Ganguly knows how to tackle short pitched deliveries. You had them in your dressing room. Your bloody coach was a fantastic player of hostile, short pitched deliveries. What did you do this entire year? Of course, you must have been busy finding your lost Maxx Mobile and carting the innocent namby pamby deliveries offered to you in the IPL.
7. You are batting in the company of Harbhajan. Asking rate is 16. He hits a straight drive. You insist on going for a risky second. When boundries are required, you are more hell bent on stealing an extra frigging run. Aren’t you, the only recognized remaining batsman supposed to take the responsibility of hitting boundries. That you got run out taking that stupid run just makes it worse.

I am not one who is into knee jerk reactions. Neither am I one to take a T20 tournament that seriously. What pisses me off is the sheer thoughtlessness shown today by the Indian team. I hold Dhoni personally responsible for today’s shoddy performance against a really mediocre West Indies. Why, you ask. When India won the inaugural T20 championship, he was the one lauded for extracting such a great performance from a team which did not include the holy troika. The successes that India has earned in Tests and ODIs under him have been attributed, at least partly (no doubt deservedly) to his fearless captaincy. If he gets the bouquets, so shall he get the brick bats. What is more a matter of concern is that if this same pigheadedness by Dhoni continues, India could suffer more just like it did in 2004 after the success of 03-04 got into Ganguly’s head. We do not want that. Especially with Aussies coming for a Test series in the future with revenge in their mind and a Border Gavasker trophy to win. The rot has to be treated. Now!!


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Some observations about the T20 WC

The tournament as such
It is a huge relief hearing a hit over the boundry being called a “six” and not a “maximum” and not been shown umpteen glimpses of the f’n blimp.
The contest between bat and ball is more even than before in a T20. 190 is looking genuinely unbeatable. Nice to see bowlers getting to shine and win some MoM awards.
Duckworth Lewis in T20s is to put it mildly, rubbish. If you are not changing calculations, at least increase the minimum overs required for a match to 10. Watching a six over match deciding the fate of sides in a goddamn World Cup is very embarrassing.
ESPN Star Sports have caught the Set Max bug when it comes to pre math shows. Cyrus has never been this irritating. He needs a Bhogle by his side. Shonali Nagrani or whatever is a pain to the ears.
One understands that due to the time zone issues, the matches have to be played early in the morning. But isn’t it leading to lower turnout? Has the ICC not learnt its lesson from the debacle that was WC 2007 (50 overs) when it pissed off the locals so much that it led to a pathetic atmosphere which contributed to the mega event being a flop?
The cheerleaders? Hott. The fat bare chested white tourist flaunting their tattoed wares in the pool and all over the stadium? Repulsive.

The Teams (that are left standing…just)
The Indian team is looking like it is going through the motions. The drive is not there. The only standout performer was Sharma who has a point to prove. I like the IPL. However the timing of the same has definitely led to the under performance of the men in blue.
The Pakistanis have been themselves. Self destructive to the core. Cannot wait for the post tournament shenanigans to start. What are the odds of Mohd. Yousuf being the next captain with Mr. Sania Mirza being his deputy?
The Saffers seem to have taken their time to fire up. Nothing other than this explains a loss to the Indians. Now, they are in the zone and only a “South Africa special” choke can stop them from being in the final.
The Aussies have been on the game since day 1. Their bowling looks badass being led by the wild man Nannes. Front runners for the trophy inspite of Micheal Clarke playing like shit.
The Poms have somehow got into the Super 8. The English weather has followed them with rain paying them a visit every time. Still they are here and have even benefited a little from the self destroyers. Do not think they will go further.
The Kiwis have been their usual dilligent selves. Jesse Ryder is waving the flag on behalf of all pot bellied belters of the ball. Vettori is as usual doing the multi tasking. They have found a match winner in Nathan McCullum which is a pleasant surprise. Good chances of reaching the semis but not further as usual.
The Sri Lankans have like the Saffers started slow. However led by the turbo charged batting by Jayawardhene (what is with SL middle order batters metamorphosing into badass openers – Jayasuriya, Dilshan and now Jayawardhene?), they seem a sure semi final bet.
The Windies have blown hot and cold. Their batting remains attractive. In the field, however they are crap.

Special mention of the Afghans. They have risen very quickly from division 5 of the ICC championship to qualifying for this tournament. They are a team worth following and cheering. It is stories like theirs which makes one believe in the power of sport in spite of all the rubbish around it (I am looking at you, BCCI, and you Lalit Modi, and you, Mr. Pawar and so on and so forth).


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Shaayari (Phatichar of course)

Woh baat unkahi si

Bahut der karni thi tumse baat
Par darr rahe the karne se tumse
Bahut intezaar kiya par himmat na jut paayi
Pyaar kar rahe the tumse hum kabse.

Phir aayi ek din wo ghadi
Us din bhi tum dikh rahi thi pyaari
Man bola, aaj bol hi daal
Bol de, dil ki baat saari.

Pahuche hum tumhaare kareeb
Pooche ki baat hum kare tumse
Bahut din se kehna tha
Kholna hai raaz jo dafn kiya hai kabse

Woh boli ki keh bolo
Par meri ek suno ek baat
Hain bada mera bhi raaz
Pehle tum sono, phir kar lo tum shuruaat

Dil mein quaid rakha hai woh kehna hai
Bolte bolte huein mahine saat
Par mera dil bhi ho raha tha kamzor
Isliye rehgayi kehne se wo baat

Aaj kehne ka waqt hua khatam
Ab seh nahi sakti ye sitam
Aaj karni hi hai baat
Isliye ye lo mera shaadi ka card.

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