Tendulkar’s double – A lesson in humility.

Sachin Tendulkar made a double century. In an ODI. Against one of the best bowling attack in the world. His praises will be sung by much better writers of prose. I would just want to point out the humility with which he carried himself today after reaching one of those pinnacles in this great sport which has been untouched for 38 years.

After reaching his double he let Dhoni take the strike and refused a single of the second last ball. Mainly because he had nothing left in his tank and Dhoni was striking it big. Thinking for the team, he was.

After India won the match, one felt that Tendulkar would express his happiness more openly. 200 is a big deal.
Ganguly would have danced topless.
Yuvraj would have screamed out obscenities.
Harbhajan would have slapped someone and called him monkey (rather “maa ki”)
Shreesanth would have done his breakdance – bellydance hybrid jig.
What does the Master do? At the presentation ceremony, he talked about Dhoni, Pathan and Karthik. When asked about his own inning, he almost blushed and blurted out some politically correct stuff. This is humility. If a man universally loved like him, a man who is the best among his generation, a man who has the world at his feet currently can behave with such humility, who the fuck are we?
If you want to teach anyone to be down to earth, just show him how Tendulkar behaves. Thank you Sir for teaching us a valuable lesson. And your batting is also not bad!!



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2 responses to “Tendulkar’s double – A lesson in humility.

  1. DI

    Was an awesome moment alright! 😀
    However, I wanted to point out that even Dravis would have been as humble, shocked perhaps, but humble nevertheless!
    How come you didn’t mention his probable reaction?

  2. Because I cannot make fun of Dravid. He is so awesomely humble. He once repiled on being asked whether he will break Lara’s record of 400 runs in a Test innings that he will take 5 days and the match will become boring. That takes a lot of humility.
    A post on Kumble and Dravid is overdue.

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