Facts – Extracted from Twitter

Been a long while since I have posted. Just not been in a frame of mind to write anything. Still not there. So just to keep the blog running, have to do some recycling. Here are some “Facts” I have been penning down over at my Twitter page . Believe them at your risk:

Mithun Chakravorty:
Mithun Facts No. 1 – When dada says “teri jaat ka baida maaroon”, communal riots stop suddenly and hindu muslim become fans of egg.
Mithun Facts No 2 – When dada says “Aii Salaa”, a woman in far off Formier Soviet Russia loses her virginity.
Mithun Facts No. 3 – When dada does his one legged pelvic thrust, Micheal Jackson used to go green with envy. He still does.

Sachin Tendulkar:
Sachin Fact No. 1 – Sachin can convert wine to water. Because he does not like alchohol
Sachin fact No. 2 – When Sachin comes out to bat, the bowlers call for bad light.

Sagarika Ghosh
Sagarika can make Mahesh Bhatt stop talking and scratching himself.
When Sagarika was born, 85% of Indians said, “Yes, they should have used the condom”.
Sagarika talks to her plants. Never knew shock therapy is good for them.
Sagarika is not allowed to interview Arundhati Roy. The CNN IBN office is just not equipped to handle that amount of verbiage.
Sagarika does not yell on Face The Nation. She in fact whispers.When she last yelled, the window panes in a radius of 5 km. around the CNN IBN office spontaneously shattered.
Sagarika Ghosh makes Barkha Dutt sound subtle.

Jhunjhunwala Facts No. 1 – @jhunjhunwala can make the market soar with just his presence…. even on a Saturday.
Jhunjhunwala Fact No. 2 – The Ambani Brothers split up – just because Jhunjhunwala wanted to trade in new types of shares.
Jhunjhunwala Fact No. 3- The BSE sensex crossed 10000 in record time- because @jhunjhunwala likes to play with 5 figures
Jhunjhunwala Fact No. 4- Lehmann Bros did not crash because of sub prime. @jhunjhunwala mistook them for Daren Lehmann and he hates him.
Jhunjhunwala Fact No. 5 – Ramalinga Raju called @jhunjhunwala fat. You know what happened next.

Ok, going to add more especially on the God of cricket (Sachin) and awesomeness (Mithunda… while on him check this out..Mithun inspires even Tajiks). Can you think of more such facts?



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  2. I appreciate the work that you have put in, in this page. Really good,

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